Being able to easily manage your domain names is rather essential and can boost your user experience as a hosting client. The platforms that lots of companies use are not that user-friendly, so you can often find yourself in a scenario where you need to sign in and out of separate admin panels to carry out a certain task, even if you’ve got a single domain name. Not only is this inconvenient, but it also requires more time and effort in comparison to having an all-encompassing tool where you can access everything you require without signing in and out all the time. For example, registering a brand-new domain name, hosting it and uploading the web files for it involves the use of at least two separate admin consoles, all the more so in case you’re using the most famous hosting solutions on the marketplace.

Feature-rich Domain Manager in Cloud Website Hosting

Managing your domains and everything related to them will be stunningly easy if you get a cloud website hosting plan through us. The account will be managed via the cutting-edge Hepsia Control Panel, an indivisible part of which is our feature-rich Domain Manager. The latter will permit you to handle all your domain names without any effort – you will be able to register and to renew domain names in bulk, to enable Whois Privacy Protection for any of them or to update their DNS information, to park and to redirect them with just a few mouse clicks. The tool also has quick-access buttons and by clicking on any of your domains, you’ll be able to do lots of things – to monitor visitor statistics, to set up e-mails or databases, to access the web files associated with the given domain and much more. The advantage of our Domain Manager tool is that all these options are available in one place, so you will not have to sign in and out of separate admin interfaces, which will spare you a lot of time.

Feature-rich Domain Manager in Semi-dedicated Hosting

If you get a semi-dedicated hosting package through our company, you will be able to administer all your domain names and everything related to them without difficulty via our fully featured Domain Manager tool, which is integrated into the in-house built Hepsia hosting Control Panel. Everything that you require is handily available in one single place. Aside from registering and renewing domains, making WHOIS updates and adding Whois Privacy Protection, you’ll also be able to do more advanced things using quick-access buttons – you’ll be able to access the web files pertaining to a certain domain name, to create an e-mail, an FTP account or a database, to monitor visitor stats and error logs, and so on. The Domain Manager tool is powerful enough for expert users, yet simple enough to be used by amateurs too. It will give you full authority over your domains and the web hosting services associated with them.